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Island Cabrera

The archipelago of Cabrera

The group of islands (17 sq. kms) lies 17 kilometers south of Cap Salines and consists of the main island of Cabrera (goat island), Conejera (rabbit island), Foradada (with lighthouse) as well as smaller rocky islets. Cabrera is the fifth biggest Balearic island (after Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera).

Plinius was of the opinion that the Carthaginian commander, Hannibal, was born on Cabrera. In the Middle Ages pirates looked for sanctuary there.  For this reason the Mallorcans protected the harbour in the fourteenth century with a fortress.  In 1808 more than 9000 French prisoners were imprisoned for three years on Cabrera under extremely bad conditions – only 3600 of them survived.

Nowadays Cabrera with its islets is one of the most important destinations for fans of ecological seaside tourism.  Visitors to the island have the opportunity to become acquainted with the prolific birdlife, the depths of the sea and the unrivalled geography.  The marine ecosystem with its large Mediterranean seagrass fields, which permits a multiplicity of sea creatures to reproduce, is striking.  The ocean bed  ranks among the best kept on the Spanish coast.  Moreover, the park is captivating not only because of some endemic species of plants, but also because of its large bird sanctuary. For these reasons the group of islands was designated a marine national park in 1991.

There are also cultural as well as natural places of interest, such as a fortress dating from the 16th century, which was declared a national treasure. The climb of approx. 15 minutes to the ruin is rewarded by a wonderful  view of the world. The pilgrimage church, the monument for the French who were exiled here, and also the archaeological places of discovery on land and underwater are also well worth seeing.

A further attraction on Cabrera is the blue grotto, the water of which – similar to the world famous blue grotto on the island of Capri – gleams in a very special shade of deep blue.  To jump into the water from the pleasure boat and swim in the almost surreal deep blue transparent water of the blue grotto is a very special experience which you should not miss.

Boat trips to visit the island of Cabrera are organised daily from the harbour of Colonia de Sant Jordi.  The boat sails to the natural harbour on the main island and a stop for bathing at a small sandy beach is also included.  After returning to Colònia Sant Jordi you will visit the famous blue cave! Don’t forget diving goggles and a snorkel!

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